11 December 2009

2012 (Dir. Roland Emmerich, 2009, US) - End Game

It was obviously very wrong of me to underestimate the stupidity of mainstream blockbusters by singling out the atrocious 'Terminator Salvation' as the benchmark of this year when in fact that much coveted prize must surely be awarded to Roland Emmerich's '2012', the latest in a long line of monstrously over inflated disaster films that have performed exceedingly well at the worldwide box office. With Cameron's much awaited 'Avatar' on the horizon and costing up to $500 million including marketing spends, '2012' is bankrupt high concept cinema which fails to even muster together a credible line of dialogue in what is a ridiculously overlong narrative. Featuring one of the most exhausting narrative expositions committed to celluloid, Emmerich's absence of talents left me in a state of temporary numbness which was made altogether worse by John Cusack's woefully sickening facial contortions. The only moment the film garners a shred of credibility is when we witness the gratifying annihilation of Woody Harrelson (a terribly unconvincing bearded hippie) by a shower of volcanic debris. At least they got one thing right about the end of the world.


  1. LOL!!! Thankfully I decided against trying my luck with 2012, even though a number of my friends didn't pay heed to my concerns and watched it with disastrous effects :D

  2. By the way, how's your book coming up?

  3. It was a stinker for sure. As for the book, deep in research for the next chapter on Ghatak's 'Meghe Dhaka Tara' - have been reading up on Bengali history. Especially fascinating is Manabendra Nath Roy who seemed to have spearheaded the communist party in India - a much revered figure in Bengali culture I am guessing?