7 January 2011

UP IN THE AIR (Dir. Jason Reitman, 2009, US) - Flying Solo

This one took me somewhat by surprise. I had maintained a distance on Reitman’s latest film, bypassing it at the cinemas but I’m wondering if that was the right decision now considering how much of the ideological sentiments on display evocatively tap into the current economic slow down. Clooney is excellent as the disreputable guy who flies from coast to coast firing employees or should I say making redundant those apparent workers who are no longer economically viable. Much of Reitman’s style is characteristic of contemporary American independent cinema but the real exceptional quality is the screenplay which bristles with a satirical edge often missing these days from the American comedy genre. The supporting cast made up of Farmiga, Kendrick and Bateman are particularly brilliant whilst the ending in which Clooney as the over polished Ryan Bingham sees the self destruction of his masculinity is nothing short of bitter sweet. Yet again Clooney proves he is one of the most accomplished actors of his generation.


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