20 November 2010


Mrinal Sen's 1973 film Padatik marked the final part of his Calcutta trilogy.

In an attempt to catalogue the YouTube links I have posted before on Indian films I have set up a seperate page titled 'Indian Cinema on YouTube' which appears at the top of the blog. Here you will find all of the links from Post No. 1 and 2 including the ones from this Post (No. 3). I am going to make a concerted effort to ensure this page is updated every month with any new material and links I come across. I am hoping to elucidate links to more marginal films - predominately Indian art cinema. It is encouraging that very few of the films from the first two posts have not been removed as they are serving an important purpose in terms of research and film history whilst also illustrating the breadth, depth and high level of ideological engagement of independent Indian art films including most notably Bengali art cinema and the parallel cinema movement.

The following are a new set of video links to Indian films which have been uploaded onto YouTube. Most of them have subtitles and the quality of the image for many of them is suprisingly good. I have posted a link to the first part of each of the films - the rest of the parts will be listed alongside the film on YouTube. For some of the links the embed code on YouTube has been disabled by the user so just click on the title of the film which will take you directly to the video on YouTube.

1. Swayamvaram - Adoor's directorial debut.
(1972, Dir. Adoor Gopalkrishnan, 131 min)

2. Interview - The first Part of Sen's Calcutta Trilogy.
(1970, Dir. Mrinal Sen, 85 min)

3. Calcutta '71
(1972, Dir. Mrinal Sen, 132 min) - click on title to access link

4. Padatik / The Guerrilla Fighter
(1973, Dir. Mrinal Sen, 98 min) - click on title to access link

5. Komal Gandhar / E Flat
(1961, Dir. Ritwik Ghatak, 134 min) - click on title to access link

6. Neel Akasher Neechey / Under The Blue Sky
(1959, Dir. Mrinal Sen, 133 min) - Another Bengali film and an early one from Mrinal Sen.

7. Bombay, Our City
(1985, Dir. Anand Patwardhan, 82 min) - For more about Patwardhan's skills as a documentary film maker check out Srikanth's post at The Seventh Art.

8. Neem Annapurna / Bitter Morsel
(1979, Dir. Buddhadev Dasgupta, 95 min) - This has been compared to the early work of Ray.

9. Nagarik / The Citizen
(1952, Dir. Ritwik Ghatak, 127 min) - Ghatak's directorial debut.

10. Teen Kanya / Three Daughters: The Postmaster (56 min)
(1961, Dir. Satyajit Ray) - Biographer Andrew Robinson argues that The Postmaster episode features some of Ray's best work.

11. Shadows of Time
(2004, Dir. Florian Gallenberger, 122 min) - Shot in Calcutta and directed by a German director, this one seems interesting as it also features Tannishtha Chatterjee and Irfan Khan in the cast.

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  1. Thanks so much for the plug, Omar, and this invaluable post, as usual. Swayamwaram being available on the tube is the best thing I've heard in recent times. I'm not sure when I can see all these though!