19 August 2009


Whenever I want to read around the latest Indian cinema release, I struggle to get access to worthwhile articles, essays and most importantly, reviews of the film. Currently, the IMDB reference for 'Kaminey' features no external reviews - of course, this has largely to do with distributors refusal to hold press screenings for many of the latest mainstream and art house Indian films. Occasionally, one or two creep in under the radar - these films tend to have been picked up by Hollywood distributors as continues to be the case with cross over festival favourites like Deepa Mehta and Mira Nair. Anyway, I do have a tendency to write a lot for certain films and sometimes I access a wide range of materials, most of which are on the Internet, so I think it might be worthwhile and perhaps constructive in the future to follow up a write up with a post on useful web links including reviews, any essays, video clips and interviews. Hopefully, this will prove beneficial in terms of helping to get to grips with the wider context and critical debate surrounding certain films.


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