19 August 2009


When it comes to researching and tracking down appropriate on line resources for American and European cinema it is a far easier task then finding valuable materials for contemporary Indian cinema - it is even harder when it comes to parallel Indian cinema. Here are a list of useful on line resources for 'Kaminey':

(VB refers to Vishal Bhardwaj, the director of Kaminey)

The official website for the film - useful for a look at the way in which the film has been marketed. It also features trailers and a section on the press - scans of articles, reviews and mostly celebrity gossip are available and have mostly been taken from Indian magazines and newspapers.

Very Very Fexy - Rediff's review of the film; a thumb's up.

Kaminey making a killing overseas - A box office report on how the film has opened in the foreign territories; it has apparently exceeded expectations and is looking set to become one of the biggest hits of the year.

Looks good but fffff..fisappoints - review by Khalid Mohamed on Aslibaat.

Kaminey Review on NDTV Movies website - a review by Anupama Chopra (wife of Vidhu Vinod Chopra) - another thumbs up.

We can never get rid of our dark side - a standard interview with VB on the making of the film.

Kaminey: Movie Review - another worthwhile review by journalist Nikhat Kazmi.

In Conversation with Vishal Bhardwaj - a comprehensive and lengthy conversation with VB on influences etc. Apparently, VB maintains a low profile and doesn't enjoy giving interviews.

The Film with a Soft Focus By Debojit Ghatak - More of a critical essay than a review but a good one nevertheless; (Indian Auteur website). The comments seem to have provoked a lot of debate - 'Kaminey' is turning into one of those love it or hate it films.

Upperstall film review - Another well written and informed review of the film.

The Making of Kaminey – This documentary was produced to coincide with the release of the film; appears in 3 parts and features interviews with the cast and crew.

By Just Another Film Buff - another excellent review of the film; check the comments which has generated a lot of interesting debate.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of on line resources. Please feel free to add any additional resources related to the film as a comment.


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  2. Thanks for the pointer Omar, There are a number of reviews at Passionforcinema.com too...