7 May 2008

BLADE RUNNER: THE DIRECTORS CUT (1982, Directed by Ridley Scott) - A Hollywood 'Art' Film

10 reasons why Blade Runner is the greatest science fiction film of all time

1. The film features Harrison Fords greatest performance after Witness; Harrison Ford continues to comment on how he hated making the film--he did not get on with Ridley Scott

2. The Directors Cut released after much studio interference and genuine bewilderment was a confirmation of Ridley Scotts unique vision of the future; the original version featured a hideous voice over delivered in a noirish accent by Harrison Ford

3. The film features the most imaginative and visually creative dystopia ever put on the big screen; pre CGI, the matte paintings and production design are outstanding and yet to be surpassed--the production team was made up of some Hollywoods finest technical artists who were working at the peak of their creative powers--Douglas Trumbull (special effects), Michael Kaplan (costume designer), Jordan Cronenweth (cinematography), Lawrence Paul (production design) etc

An incredibly atmospheric and ambient synth score by Vangelis--probably the greatest film score ever written for a Hollywood film

5. The fact that Ridley Scott duped the studios into financing one of the most expensive science fiction art films--explains why Warner Bros. did not have a clue how to market the film

6. Rutger Hauer/Roy Battys final speech was completely improvised and poignantly delivered--Like Tears in the Rain

7. Still the most complete, realised and perfect example of post modern cinema

8. Blade Runner is Ridley Scotts greatest film; not Gladiator!

9. Is Deckard a Replicant?--the question that still confounds critics and fans to this day; pretty obvious if you study the cryptic origami figures

10. All roads lead back to Blade Runner; after Metropolis, it is the most influential science fiction film of all time


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